Sekou Odinga was a u.s.-held political prisonerimprisoned over 33 years for fighting for the freedom of Black people and the building of the Republic of New Afrika. He was released November 25, 2014 into the arms of family, comrades and friends.

Sucessful Jazz Celebration/Fundraiser for Sekou Odinga


On August 10, 2015, we had a wonderful benefit performance by world-renowed tenor saxophonist, Bilal Sunni Ali, at For My Sweet in honor of and as a fundraiser for former POW, Sekou Odinga.

The concert featured: Bilal Sunni-Ali, Tenor Sax; Rudy Wongozi, Keyboard; Eric Lemon, Bass; Larry McDonald, Percussion; and, Ras Chemash Lamed, Vocals. For My Sweet was full and the band inspired.

Remember the ancestors every day!

Sekou Odinga is Free!

Sekou Odinga & dequi On November 25, 2014 our beloved Sekou Odinga was released from his 33-year illegal captivity. We love and celebrate him -- and thank all the many relatives, comrades and friends who worked so hard for his release, especially his indefatigable duo of son Anochi and wife dequi.

We continue to do the legal work so Sekou can be free of parole to be among us; we have so much to hear and learn from him! Please contribute if you can:



Sekou Odinga Defense Committee, PO Box 380-122,
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"Some of us have never agreed to be American and have struggled to free and build the Republic of New Afrika.
Under international law, oppressed people have that right, the right to be free of their oppression
and to build a nation that will protect their right to be free and independent. -Sekou Odinga.

BE SEKOU by M-1 & Divine (from Freedom Ain't Free CD)

Written and Performed by M-1 and Divine. Produced by M-1, Divine, and Digitalglo. Video Directed by Jamal Joseph. Photography, Editing, Visual Effects by Joel Davenport - Produced by Jamal Joseph and Joel Davenport. Production Manager: Dietrice Bolden. Additional Photography: Ryce. Featuring: Impact Repertory Theater, Abiodun Oyewole, Hassan "GIANT" Yasin, The Bartendaz, The Order of the Feather Fraternity. Special Thanks: Sister Dequi, The Sekou Odinga Defense Committee, Brother Bullwhip, Neal Shoemaker & Harlem Heritage Tours, The Dwyer Cultural Center, A Harlem Film Company/New Heritage Films Production.

Published on Feb 24, 2014

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Sophia Dawson - Anochi Odinga - dequi sadiki-odingaCD Release Party Success!

The Freedom Ain't Free CD Release Party on October 19, 2013 had great performances and people. See photos. Buy now! (click "BUY NOW" below)

Featuring Amina Baraka, M-1, Divine RBG, DK Dyson, Divine, George Edward Tait, Sekou's family and many more.
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Sekou's Family Needs HimSekou's Family Deserves Their Abu

The u.s. government may not value the lives of Black men, however Sekou's family and community love him immensely. Sekou is such an anchor and beneficial presence to his family, neighbors and community. Free Sekou Odinga now!

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Sekou Odinga in his own words


There is an ongoing legal effort and multi-faceted campaign for freedom for Sekou Odinga.

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