Sekou Odinga is a u.s.-held political prisoner of war. Imprisoned over 30 years for fighting for the freedom of Black people and the building of the Republic of New Afrika.

FREE Sekou Odinga

"I am a Political Prisoner of War! What war? The war of national liberation that has been going since Afrikans were first kidnapped and brought to the Americas and enslaved. Some of us have never agreed to be American and have struggled to free and build the Republic of New Afrika. Under international law, oppressed people have that right, the right to be free of their oppression and to build a nation that will protect their right to be free and independent. That's what we were doing... That's why I'm now a Political Prisoner of War." Sekou Odinga

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Sophia Dawson - Anochi Odinga - dequi sadiki-odingaCD Release Party Success!

The Freedom Ain't Free CD Release Party on October 19, 2013 had great performances and people. See photos. Buy your copy now! (Digital downloads soon.)

       Amina Baraka • Divine RBG • DK Dyson
       George Edward Tait • Intikana
       Infinite Wiz & Revolutionary Love     
       Maroon Society • Ngoma • Prince Akeem
       Riders Against the Storm (RAS) from Dallas, TX
       spiritchild of Mental Notes • Verbal Artisan
       Collective Flow 
       -- and most especially, Sekou's family.

Thank you Goldbird Studios NE in New York City and iamwetpaint/Sophia Dawson for your invaluable help in this tribute to Sekou Odinga, and all u.s. held PP/POWS.

Sekou's Family Needs HimSekou's Family Deserves Their Abu

The u.s. government may not value the lives of Black men, however Sekou's family and community love him immensely. Sekou is such an anchor and beneficial presence to his family, neighbors and community. Free Sekou Odinga now!

Sekou Odinga in his own words


There is an ongoing legal effort and multi-faceted campaign for freedom for Sekou Odinga. More info soon.

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